My customer story with Themify

Back in June I received an email from a company called Themify. I am very familiar with Themify as they create the WordPress themes which I use for the majority of my clients’ websites. I have often utilised their brilliant customer service forum, and submitted a few websites that I was particularly proud of to be included in their User Showcase. I had read their customer stories about web designers and had wondered how they were chosen.

I must admit I still am not 100% clear on that process. However, whatever it is, I made it onto their radar and they got into contact hoping to do a customer story on me! Once I picked myself up off the floor I emailed back and confirmed that yes, I would be delighted to submit a customer story.

To cut a long story short, many emails were sent between myself in Australia and my new ‘friend’ from Themify in Canada.  Luckily I had head-shots taken a few years ago that still resemble me  (a huge thanks to Heidi from SH Woman). My hubby and I collaborated to write my profile.

It is both humbling and legitimising to be acknowledged and to have my work recognised. Sometimes, I still feel like a newcomer to the world of web design; that is, until I take a good look at my portfolio. It’s not just a couple of websites for friends and acquaintances anymore. It is a broad and attractive portfolio which reflects the wide range of diverse people I have met, who are all specialists in their own field – like I have become in mine.

Click here to read my customer story and learn more about my journey as a web designer.